Solvani™ I Love You Ring
Solvani™ I Love You Ring
Solvani™ I Love You Ring
Solvani™ I Love You Ring

Solvani™ I Love You Ring

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The Newest Viral I Love You Ring.

Our New I Love You Ring is the perfect gift for someone you love. Rated one of the #1 couples gift of 2022, our rings are plated with 24k Gold and .925 Silver to ensure long lasting shine.  


Show off Your Love!

Built with .925 Silver and 24k Gold

Stainless Steel Plated in .925 Silver or 24K Gold. No green skin or allergic reactions! 

High Quality Gemstones 

Our rings you use high quality VVS1 CZ Stones. We promise your ring will sparkle as if it was crafted with real diamonds.

100 Different Languages

Signify your love for eachother with "I Love You" written in over 100 languages. It's the perfect gift for your other half! 


As Seen on TikTok
Fair Pricing

Major jewelry brands markup their prices by 8-10x the true cost. To bring quality within reach, we've formed lasting relationships with top jewelers to sell directly to you.

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